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Thousands of Strangers Fulfill Bucket List of Woman Killed by Drunk Driver

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NIAGARA FALLS, New York– A California family is mourning the loss of their 21-year-old daughter in a special way.    Kristina Chesterman was killed by a drunk driver last September.  CBS News reports that her parents were cleaning out her apartment when they found something amazing.  Inside a makeup bag was a list.  It contained some of the experiences she wanted to make a part of her life.

Kristina was never able to check most of the items off her bucket list.  So, her parents have been fulfilling their daughter’s unfulfilled dreams.

Facebook has spread Kristina’s list across the nation.  Now, strangers from all over the country are posting their amazing stories on the ‘Remembering Kristina Chesterman’ Facebook page.

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  • bob

    my thoughts and prayers go out too all the family and friends of Kristina’s for their tragic loss from a drunken s.o.b. I also lost my 21 year old son many years ago under the same circumstances and believe me the pain never subsides or goes away , he may have had a bucket list but it was unknown to me, he was very intelligent, nice looking and had found an ideal job with a terrific future . his name was Michael, Please , if by chance anyone that drinks reads this , before you get behind the wheel of that vehicle think of what may happen to a Kristina or Michael . In GOD’S name , please think, think and think more on how your life and our loved ones can change instantly because of one selfish act . man or woman up and ask a friend for help getting you and others home safely .respectfully, a heartbroken father .

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