AGRIBUSINESS: Highway Fund Running Out, Congress Rushes Extension Before Recess

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In rural America, and in rural Iowa, a well-oiled highway system is critical. The federal government assists in making sure roads are maintained by the federal gas tax deposited in the highway trust fund.

This month, that fund will run dry unless Congress can intervene. Already the House of Representatives has passed a $10.8 billion highway funding bill that will patch roads until May of next year.

The Senate on Tuesday returned the bill to the House with some alternations; notably six fewer months on the extension. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley voted in support of the amended House bill, but in a Wednesday teleconference says he doesn't expect it to get very far.

"The House will probably not go along with what the Senate's proposed because adjournment for the summer recess is only two days away we will probably, the House will send back their original bill even though some of us voted against it because we like the Senate version better. We will probably vote for it just to take any about whether or not highway construction is going to continue."


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