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Flores Denies Rape Allegations Made by Drug Informant

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Ankeny Police Department is being sued by a drug informant, a woman who claims officers failed to protect her from being raped.

She says it happened when they sent her into a meeting with David Flores, but Flores insists the incident never happened.

“I`m not going to stop until I fix this until I make sure that everybody knows this isn`t true,” Flores tells Channel 13’s Stephanie Moore in a phone interview.

The lawsuit filed last week alleges rape. However, Flores hasn't been charged and he hasn't even spoken to police about the incident.

The lawsuit claims a woman, identified as “Jane Doe” reportedly met with Flores while she was working with Ankeny Police and the Mid-Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force.

Flores, who is being held in the Polk County Jail, says he is upset the woman's name isn't being revealed and he hopes more information comes forward to clear his name.

“I have a son, I have people that love me and care about me and whether it matters or not I do not want nobody to think that about me whether they know me or not,” says Flores.

Flores was out on bond awaiting a retrial for first degree murder at the time the alleged victim claims Flores attacked her.

He is being held in jail until his trial on a different crime.


  • Justice

    Of course he is innocent. He has never been guilty of anthing in his entire life. He never killed anybody and he never raped anybody…Obviously he is the victim!!!

  • Justice

    Of course it took a bounty hunter to find him since he is innocent… on the murdrer charge…Man, are our courts ever messed up to let this guy out!!!!!!!!!

  • cindy herman

    Why don’t they just put on white hoods and linch this guy? There is nothing fair or right about the way this guy has been treated.

    • Right Wing Patriot

      Are you serious?! You probably thought Ted Bundy deserved a break. Get in the real world Cindy and remove remove yourself from the alternate plane you mind resides.

      • cindy herman

        My mind is just fine. Its our police and our courts that i am worried about. This guy got out for a reason. Its not hard to see that they are sending him back to jail, no matter what it takes, fair or not. That’s not the kind of system I want to live with.

  • marcopolish

    This repeated hounding without proof by Channel 13 is bordering on harassment under cover of media. It is very very transparent. Drug informant my foot; druggie scamming stupid police is more like it. Flores has become everyone in the media’s meal ticket since notoriety can be gained any time ratings or revenues are down. Take heed, WHO: the 1st amendment is not for you to fix your bad bottom line at a person’s expense this way, he’s not a hog trough or loan office to keep hitting up. You may become news yourself.

  • Krjbolej

    I realize he’s a not-so-great guy, but this doesn’t sound right at all to me, and I believe he didn’t do it.

  • Randy Graven

    I don’t believe much of what either side says here. Methheads are methheads and lie continuously. Cops never admit wrongdoing even when they’re caught red-handed. But then again, how can you tell who’s lying and who isn’t. I certainly don’t beleive Flores, don’t know who the woman is, so I don’t believe her, but if the cops did set up the meeting and didn’t do anything to protect her, they’re not going to admit it either. So what next?

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