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Judge Rules on Homeless Camp Eviction Appeal

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Homeless people living in tents along rivers in Des Moines face eviction after a Polk County judge ruled on an appeal.

The city of Des Moines said the roughly two dozen people living in camps along the rivers were a safety concern.

The homeless affected appealed the city’s actions claiming fights and overcrowding made shelters an unviable option. During the hearing in early July, they added there are shelter limits of 90 day stays.

The judge ruled this week that the city followed procedures adequately when posting notices in May asking the people to leave. Campers have until next Friday to leave before the city can enforce the evictions.



  • Holly Johnson

    This is a very serious and sad problem. No mater where they are, if you can see them or not, they are still there and so is this problem.

  • noraeng

    Meanwhile illegals are brought in and given SSI, food stamps, Obama phones, free housing, free heat and free medical. YES illegals can and do get these “services” if they are granted asylum or for their anchor babies/kids( because ya know if they’re born here they are citizens).So far about 65% of the influx of “kids” have gotten asylum.

    • Trevor

      I totally agree with Noraeng and Harrisbock. This is sad Give them jobs like cleaning the parks and ditches and help them not jerk them off. And the illegally people have it way better then the working person as well.

  • Ishmale Whale

    Where are they to go? Some may have more stuff than they can carry, so they will loose what little they have. And it will start all over again at the new place they find. A lot of them are homeless because of mental issues, and Iowa has very little services for the mentally ill.
    I wonder if they leave for a spell and come back, how long it would take to be evicted again. If camping was actually a safety concern, parks would not allow tents and camp fires.

  • harrisbock

    Where are they to go now? And when they get there it will start all over again. They believe they are safer outside than in the shelters. That should say something.

  • harrisbock

    noraeng, I agree with you. We have veterans who are homeless because of slow or no no benefits from the VA. Many die waiting for treatment. But an outsider crosses illegally and they get all they need ASAP.

  • Lydia

    Illegals have more rights than the homeless. It up to 3 years b4 the illegals come b4 the judge while they stay here. The illegals get food, shelter and clothing handed to them

  • William Denison

    It seems to me alll DM is doing is sitting these folks up for incarceration for trespassing somewhere else.

  • wizard

    I’m curious….what would the city council do if someone donated land for these people? My bet is that there would be a reason they couldn’t be on that land either.

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