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Map Reveals Wealthiest Person in Each State

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wealthiest-person-by-state-mapDES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s average household income was a little under $50,000 at the last check but that pales into insignificance compared to the richest across the nation.

A new interactive map created by real estate blog Movoto has identified the richest people in each state.

Adel native Harry Stine tops the list for Iowa with a personal wealth of $3 billion. Stacking that amount of $1 bills would reach over 200 miles high. Stine’s wealth is on the lower end compared to other states. Unsurprisingly, Washington’s Bill Gates, California’s Larry Ellison and Arkansas’ Jim Walton top the list made up of entrepreneurs, widows, heirs and heiresses.

The disparity in wealth nationally is stark.

The latest figures show over 45 million people are living in poverty in the US with calls for an increase in the minimum wage stalling in D.C.

For a complete rundown of the wealthiest people in each state and how they earned the title, visit Movoto’s interactive map.


  • Tom Smalley

    Senator Mitch McConnell Tell your representatives that our fellow Americans are losing their savings, their retirement accounts, homes, and possessions because they have failed to renew Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Extending emergency federal benefits during a period of high unemployment has never been a partisan issue before. It shouldn’t be now. It is shameful that Congress is willing to extend tax breaks for corporations(AND THEMSELVES) but won’t even allow a vote on extended unemployment benefits. Speaker John Boehner RAISE THE PAYROLL TAX LIMIT THAT FUNDS UNEMPLOYMENT , why are you Paid $65,000+ or $110,000 that is EXEMPT from these taxes…..VA Administrators paid $350,000 , that’s a big Taxbreak……………………….Mike Mike Enzi……DO SOMETHING? ……your an accountant ? BUT Mike Enzi, what happens when Both Parties REFUSE to do the RIGHT THING ……raise the debt ceiling , HELL NO ……..Raise the Payroll Tax Limit ………… the Soaring Debt is BECAUSE Government Pay Checks are TWICE the Payroll Tax Limit ……….we need to raise it NOW or Set a Government Maximum Wage of $113,000 . shouldn’t GONGRESS & Gov. Employee’s pay SS and Medicare on the $65,000+ THEY don’t pay on? we could Raise $2 Trillion in 10 years and the Deficit would go to ZERO ……..ZILCH …….Do The Math……..its like $200 Billion+ per Year………….what they pay does not even come close to the Pensions they will receive or the 4 parents they have that will collect this…………….Every Time they Raise it GOV DEPTS hand out BONUSES and THRU Multi Million Dollar Parties ……….ENOUGH is ENOUGH…….over the last 10 years we failed to collect $2 Trillion and add the next 10 years of $2 Trillion ……the $17 Trillion HAS more to do with GOV NOT PAYING back to the Pot of that they TAKE FROM


      Tom instead of renewing the Emergency Unemployment Compensation I can provide you will the classifieds every week if that will help. There seem to be plenty of jobs out there for people that are willing to work.

  • Good

    Good to have such people in society, the more they are the better for the Nation. The only negative thing is “social” media and publicity. I bet with you if all of those who are working for social media would get rich one day is that they will hate “social” media and publicity until puking. In developed and cultivated european countries would nobody talk about his wage, his property or in general about money not that they have something to fear living in developed and cultivated european countries, but it is a matter of *respect. So it has nothing to do with psychology which is talking about fear or social fear, aso. I thing that they need a therapy not rich people, but how would it be if people will stop visit psychologists, and stop taking the suggested medication at the same time this fake industry. Therefore should the position be changed and the patient should get payed $ 1.000.000 a second during the visit. This would be the best lesson until they would understand that nobody can work for others money. Closing my comment and making it shorter with other words, to the point: Psychologists can work for your money and in other hand all psychologists are cheaters who are just sitting on a chair, getting payed for nothing and are committing modern slavery.

    *Respect in general, and specific respect of the privacy other peoples, aka social layers and distances.

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