Map Reveals Wealthiest Person in Each State

wealthiest-person-by-state-mapDES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s average household income was a little under $50,000 at the last check but that pales into insignificance compared to the richest across the nation.

A new interactive map created by real estate blog Movoto has identified the richest people in each state.

Adel native Harry Stine tops the list for Iowa with a personal wealth of $3 billion. Stacking that amount of $1 bills would reach over 200 miles high. Stine’s wealth is on the lower end compared to other states. Unsurprisingly, Washington’s Bill Gates, California’s Larry Ellison and Arkansas’ Jim Walton top the list made up of entrepreneurs, widows, heirs and heiresses.

The disparity in wealth nationally is stark.

The latest figures show over 45 million people are living in poverty in the US with calls for an increase in the minimum wage stalling in D.C.

For a complete rundown of the wealthiest people in each state and how they earned the title, visit Movoto’s interactive map.


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