Growth has Followed Jordan Creek for 10 Years

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JCTCWEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Ten years ago Monday, Jordan Creek Town Center welcomed its first shoppers.

It’s a grand opening West Des Moines Mayor Steve Gaer says helped spark the incredible growth of Des Moines’ western suburbs.

“Before Jordan Creek showed up, west of the interstate, about the only development was Glen Oaks Country Club. The rest of it was just corn fields.”

In the early 2000s, developers of Jordan Creek Town Center told city leaders if they could provide the infrastructure, developers would build the mall.

It cost $65 million, but it’s an investment that’s paid off in a big way.

Since the mall was built, the city has issued $3 billion in building permits and nearly 30,000 jobs have followed.

This has led to a huge boost West Des Moines’s population. In 1996, the city had 33,000 residents but now has over 62,000.

Gaer says council members expected some growth when the mall was built, but not to this extent.

“None of us ever envisioned the 1-million square foot corporate campus of Wells Fargo or Athene’s North American headquarters, Microsoft, or West Glen. We had some idea that activity would come, but none of us envisioned the quantity and quality that did come because of this,” Gaer told Channel 13 News.

Jordan Creek is celebrating its ten year anniversary with live music and fireworks.


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