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Man Finds His Stolen Bike on Facebook

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- At least a dozen motorcycles have been stolen in the metro in the past few weeks and owners say they’re fed up.

Someone stole two from Struthers Brothers. Another two were stolen from Fenders Cycle on the city's south side. That theft was caught on security camera. Rob Parker of Des Moines had two stolen from his garage. He says police did little to help, so he turned to Facebook where he found one of his bikes for sale.

"Both bikes have been recovered. One of them the police recovered, which cost me $116 to get out of impound. The other bike, the person who had it, gave me directions. It was down at Easter Lake on a trail. Both bikes had had parts stripped off them," Parker said. "People are, I guess, gonna have to take the law into their own hands. As bad as that sounds."

The person who had Parker’s bike was not arrested. He tells us he was selling it for a friend who stole it. A spokesman for the Des Moines Police Department says detectives never returned his call for a comment.


    • Troy Hamilton

      For one he never said anyone stole the bikes. For two there is no evidence of him stealing the bike or being at the crime scene so why should he be charged? This man is my best friend and sure he’s made some bad choices but he’s already going through a lot of problems and he would not do something that stupid to get himself in more trouble. The news is wrong for putting his criminal history out there like that and the man who said he should be charged is wrong for saying that just because he wants to see another young black man go to jail. This just goes to show that’s Iowa is still a racist state full of ignorance, unjust people.

      • KBM

        Yeah, turn this into a race thing instead of what it actually is; a grown man with priors trying to sell stripped and painted vehicles with zero proof of ownership. Real good job he’s doing trying to get on the right path. The friends you choose is the path you will follow.

      • Katie

        I have the messages from Kabeion Teauges between him and Parker. Your boy was in on it and we have enough to get him charged. Him being in possession of stolen property is a FELONY. He even admitted in the messages to having told the cops about his buddy dave as well. So keep believing the thief. He’s been busted for this before. He deserves to be in jail!

      • Bryan

        Are you seriously playing the race card??? It’s your kind that brings race back into the game!!! As far as I’m concerned those of you that play the race card are those that set us further back. Nothing was mentioned about color unil YOU brought it up. He’s guilty for having known stolen items in his possession so the last card to play is racism??? He’s guilty as hell…. It has nothing to do with color it about education.

      • wizard

        If your friend was any kind of man, and not guilty of anything, he’d face the camera and defend himself. If you were any kind of man, you wouldn’t be on here defending him, you’d be giving his “friend” up to clear his name. If the detective was doing his/her job, they’d charge this guy with possession of stolen property.

      • IMRIGHT

        Troy are you serious? Sure he’s made some bad choices so therefore society should continue to be victimized by him, because well he’s already going through a lot of problems and surely wouldn’t do anything more to compound his problems. He should be charged plain and simple, and guess what I’m not a racist at all, but I love how quickly you play the race card. Certainly don’t charge him because he’s a criminal charge him because of his race.

  • Jerome Jackson

    How tough is it for the police to do their job? If the guy says a “friend” stole it, then have the guy tell who the “friend” is… if not, then that guy that’s selling, is aiding the theft. These cops, seriously.

    • leob

      Your right sounds like the Des Moines PD doesn’t want to do any work. Lazy cops!!! Maybe next time tell them the bikes were stolen along with several dozen doughnuts…

    • Katie

      Go check out the FB story on this. Copies of the messages directly from Teagues ratting out his buddy. His buddy was likely in on it. Because trust me…it would have taken 2-3 guys at least to get those two bikes out of the garage, disable the overhead door and get it thru all the other stuff in the garage. Have to say…Parker has ALOT in his garage. So there are more players than just Teagues. and he has no idea how many people were messaging him about the bike he posted on his fb page regarding “buying” it. They were all helping to track him down. He’s lucky the cops got there when they did.

  • BrutallyHonest

    Des Moines cops are pretty much worthless. They do very little, if anything at all,besides write a report with any kind of theft of break in. After the report is written the case is closed in their mind. $116 to get your bike out of inpound, which was stolen to begin with and recovered by the police? How about instead of putting it in inpound they return it to the owner, that would be doing their job. But no, they would rather get in on the theft and make themselves some money while they are at it and charge you for recovering the stolen property. Do my tax dollars not pay them to do their job, is that why they have to charge to recover the stolen property? This is absolutely rediculous. The guy is right, if you want something done and done right, you need to handle it yourself. I can tell you that any criminal caught on my property trying to steal will very likely not be walking away.

  • CopBlock

    “Protect and Serve” needs to be changed to “Harass and Collect Revenue”. The only thing the majority of ‘law enforcement’ are good for nowadays and stolen vehicles obviously do not generate enough, if any, revenue for the police station.

  • Jodi

    Had two dirt bikes stolen from my garage and actually saw the people spray painting, called the police and the police never even got out of the car to check on it. Drove by, asked a kid one question and then left. Called the detective “working” my case and left a vm. That was two weeks ago and and, still haven’t heard back from him.

  • leob

    What happened to the law Possession is 9 tenths of the law. My friend had a stolen stereo system that he bought at a yard sale & he got arrested for it… Oh that’s right it wasn’t the Des Moines police or Iowa Sheriffs it was in California. It says if your in Possession of stolen property your going to be arrested too…..

  • Katie

    If you’re all interested in more information go to the WHO TV Facebook page….it’s all on there! Picture proof of everything!

  • Lilreb

    My car was stolen out of my driveway several years ago. 5 days later a detective calls me to tell me its in impound. Go to pick it up and it was about $300. The car had been there for 3 days and the police requested it be put in inside storage so they could get fingerprints, even though they caught someone driving it. Real nice of the detective to wait 3 days to call and tell me. Also had a 23yr old woman having sex with my 15yr old son and a few other teens in my neighborhood and she faked a pregnancy test telling my son he was the dad. The detective on that case did NOTHING! Had the sexes been reversed, the guy would have been arrested immediately. I have ZERO confidence in the detectives that work for the DMPD!!!

  • Erin

    To the dude Troy that made first comment get outta here dude needs to go to jail and stop trying to pull the he black card!

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