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Woman Accused of Attacking Strangers Who Saved Daughter from Hot Car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Police are investigating after a child was found inside an unlocked car around 7 p.m. on Monday in Kansas City.

According to a report filed by police, witnesses noticed the child sitting in an unlocked vehicle with its windows partly down. The child was in a carseat and was wet with perspiration, according to witnesses. Witnesses removed the child and called 911, according to The witnesses then took the child inside a nearby Chipotle to cool off. While walking to the restaurant, the child’s mother emerged from a game store and began yelling at the people to return her child. They didn’t.

They waited inside Chipotle for police while fending off the mother, who by this time was hitting one of the witnesses. In the process his shirt was torn.

When responding to the call, the reporting officer noticed the temperature inside his vehicle was 89 degrees. When the officer arrived, the child’s mother was insistent about her daughter being returned to her.

The woman told police she left her daughter inside the car because she was asleep. In the process of the commotion the child vomited. Witnesses told police they removed the child’s shirt because “it was wet.”

The mother was arrested and is being held on charges of child endangerment and assault. Her name has not been released pending formal charges.


  • Josh Bethune

    Why didn’t they arrest the people who got into the car to get the kid? Not saying they did wrong but I know of someone who rescued a dog same situation but yet the “good samaratian” was charged for criminal trespass. Bunch of bs if ya ask me.

  • Michelle

    I would think it would be illegal to hold a child from their mother. This mother made a very bad choice but you can’t keep the child. They should have gave her license plate number and let the police get her later. Poor choices made by all.

  • Missy

    Really I can’t believe people think the child should of been left in the car instead of rescued. Wow, unbelieveable. Responsible parents don’t leave a child in a car for one moment!!! especially to go into a game store?

  • Michelle

    I think they should have taken the child out of the car but to not give it back to the mother is wrong.

  • OHMY

    A future App design will be coming out to “remind” the driver of a passenger. Seems that society requires such an APP because WHY?

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