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Chicago Pastor Introducing New Project to Curb Des Moines Violence

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DES MOINES, Iowa - A Chicago pastor made his debut in the Capitol City Wednesday to help curb the city's violence.

Pastor Corey Brooks is expanding his existing scheme, "Project H.O.O.D", which stands for Helping Others Obtain Destiny, in an effort to end violence and build neighborhood and communities.

While Chicago has seen 226 murders this year, Des Moines has had two murders. Last year the city had three. As a whole Des Moines Police report a decrease in summer violence.

"Violence is like a cancer if you don’t deal with it it will spread so we wanna make sure it doesn’t spread throughout Des Moines,"says Brooks. "Get it while it's small. Get it while it's manageable. Deal with it right now because if you don’t you could very easily become like Chicago."

Brooks will meet with concerned citizens, authorities, pastors and neighborhood associations to inform them of Project H.O.O.D. The pastor is also partnering with "Mothers Against Violence" to enhance mentoring and counseling programs at more schools making their services available to more students.

Several local anti - violence organizations aim to do the same thing but state leaders say the collaboration of all organizations will help achieve the city's goal.

"There are people out here who are working and that people that are living in our communities who have fear. They are not alone. You have people that are working in the community," says Rep. Ako Abdul - Samad.

On Thursday Brooks will host a forum open to the public at Revival Center Church from 7om -9pm.


  • Lisa

    Maybe for one of their projects, some of the kids could help the web staff proofread their articles and headlines. Win-win.

  • Kody

    Des Moines wont become like Chicago because people can legally defend themselves with a concealed firearm in Des Moines. Criminals in Chicago know that no law abiding citizen will have a firearm so they know there will not be anybody who can defend themselves and refuse to be a victim. Gun Control=More Victims

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