Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting Named

Ryan Swearingen was shot by a police officer.

Ryan Swearingen was shot by a police officer.

FORT MADISON, Iowa — The Division of Criminal Investigation has released the name of the police officer who fatally shot a man in Fort Madison last weekend.

Investigators say Officer Karl Judd shot Ryan Swearingen, 27, early Sunday morning.

They say Judd responded to a call of Swearingen slashing tires. When Judd confronted him, investigators say Swearingen ran into a house where he later threatened Judd with a knife.

Judd remains on paid administrative leave while the DCI investigates the case.

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  • Mike

    How close was Judd to the officer when he threatened him? I am just wondering the distance for the simple fact that is this a case of “shoot first, ask questions later”, or could the officer backed away from the situation and possible saved a life.

    • Mike Cee

      This wasn’t a life worth saving. Go to Iowa Courts Online and look this guy up and view the lengthy list of problems this guy has caused. Taxpayers are far better off without this dirtball wasting resources.

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