Man Charged with Murder After Gunning Down Cyclist

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Joshua James RoyerBURLINGTON, Iowa — A man is in custody for the murder of a Burlington cyclist.

Affiliate KWQC reports Eddie Martin, 50, was cycling when he was shot just before 3 p.m. Wednesday in a residential neighborhood. Martin suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his lower torso, police said.

He was transported from a Burlington hospital to Iowa City by helicopter where he was pronounced dead.

Officers caught up with suspect Joshua Royer, 38, Wednesday night and charged him with first degree murder.

He is being held in the Des Moines County Jail.

It doesn’t appear the two knew each other, investigators said.


    • No More Tea Bags

      And his life and circumstances just became as sad as they can be. Don’t really care about that. I can’t imagine what this cyclist could’ve done to make a person want to murder him, regardless of the murderers “circumstances”. He was going to freak out and kill someone/anyone eventually; just be glad it wasn’t you.
      RIP Mr. Martin.

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        Well, let’s see, the other day, some little child pretending to be an adult on a bicycle ran a stop sign, and after almost hitting him and honking at him, he flipped me off, even though he was the one who violated the law and common sense. My first inclination was to chase him down and break his finger, but he would have whined like a little girl like all cyclists seem to do, and claim he was some kind of victim even though he deserved it.

        Was that you by chance?

      • No More Tea Bags

        Mr. Stinkyfinger: I hear your outrage and your defense of this m0ron shooting someone over a traffic violation, (if there even was one). I only have one question; Why didn’t you run that kid over? Or bust a couple caps into him/her? Is it because you’re a coward and won’t act upon your beliefs, or maybe taking someones life over what amounts to little of nothing is just ret@rded. You choose… “Cow@rd”, or “Mental Midget”? Maybe both??? I’ll leave it to readers to decide.

      • robert pfeiff

        I knew Mr. Martin personally, he was known in Burlington as Ed Lova and was one of the nicest and outgoing people you could meet. Always walking around with his boom box and a smile. The trash that shot him didnt like his shirt cause it was red and was having a bad day and took it out on an innocent man.

  • MJ

    Poor road habits works both ways Spinkyfinger. I used to race bicycles and trust me, I could write a book about bad drivers. To name a few, multiple times I had firecrackers thrown at me, once while on a bridge, numerous times opposite moving traffic passing cars on two lane roads forcing me into the ditch, numerous times passengers throwing cans and bottles at me, and most of all, idiots making right turns right in front of me. I even had some jerk stop ahead of me, pull off barely onto a side gravel road, then when I caught up to him, he spun out on the gravel – flipping me off while doing so. I always rode on the shoulders and when no shoulder was available, on the stripe at the side of the road. But I am sure you’re a perfect driver no doubt.

  • d roberts

    To THE Martin family: when you’ve done all you can stand! God will be the fnal judge. stand together and be active insuring there is justice for Eddie in this world’s justice syystem! Praying for you all. Love, your St. Louis family-Demetra & Johnie Roberts (Eula)

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