Merchants Divided Over VEISHEA Decision

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AMES, Iowa -- Merchants in Campustown have mixed feelings about the decision to do away with VEISHEA.

Christy Radach owns Grandma’s Attic in Aampustown. She says she enjoyed watching the streets fill up with VEISHEA revelers and is saddened that what she calls a few bad apples have ruined it for the rest. "It's been a tradition for a lot of people and there's an awful lot of people that put an awful lot of work into it and they're not out there rioting and tearing down light poles and so I kinda worry that they're being punished as well for something they didn't do."

Dipak and Asha Biswas own the Indian Delights Restaurant right across the street. They watched the riot form, and believe doing away with VEISHEA is the right decision.

"It looked like a huge mob," Dipak recalled., "They were all jumping on cars and around the ceiling of the different buildings. They were on the trees. They were everywhere. And it was really a dangerous situation even for their own lives."

"They were just wild," Asha added. "And it's only when one of the kids got hurt that the lamp post broken down that they quieted down."

Merchants we spoke with would like to see some type of event that promotes the college and the city of Ames, as long as that event is productive and not destructive.


  • ISUmom

    I wholeheartedly applaud President Leath’s decision! He made a mature decision that may not be popular with some (merchants in particular,) but it is for the overall good of the student body and city. While it punishes the innocent as well, it is long past time for the bad actors to learn that actions have consequences. The good, while disappointed, know it is right.

  • Marge

    A few bad apples? Are you kidding me? Year after year after year. Should have been done with years ago.

  • harrisbock

    Never been, but when you put a large number of young people together with alcohol, it is only a matter of time before something happens. Look at what happens at some sporting events that serve over priced beer, fights break out. I avoid large crowds because it only takes one or two idiots to cause others to follow along.

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