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Attendance Numbers for Fair on Track to be Less Than 2013

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2014 Iowa State Fair (WHO-HD)

2014 Iowa State Fair (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Fair crowds have been big but so far, not record-breaking.

Opening day of the 2014 fair saw more than 77,000 guests. Friday brought in 93,000.

One-hundred and three thousand made it out on Saturday and 88,000 walked through the gates Sunday.

So far, turn-out this year is on pace to be lower than last year’s fair.


  • Matthew

    The state fair has become far too expensive so I understand why the numbers are down. $6.00 for a small basket of cheese curds? Give me a break…the greed has gone too far!!!

  • BrutallyHonest

    When are they going to realize that they have driven the cost of everything up so far that people cannot afford to go. At this time of year, many parents are sacraficing food, gas, entertainment, ect. so that they can afford to buy school clothes and school supplies to send their kids back to school. The low attendance does not come as a suprise to me.

  • Anna Zemke

    no surprise here – just too costly to attend – with gate admission at $11 alone I wondered how a family with children could begin to enjoy attending – way too much greed – I spent my day on Friday with good friends taking in the “free stuff” – didn’t cater to the overpriced food and beverage and walked out the gate at the end of the day with my $6.50 bag of taffy in hand! Total spent at the overpriced Iowa State Fair for 2014…$16.50 (bought my admission ticket outside the gate from a nice gentleman who had extra tickets and saved $1.00 – people are trying to get their children back to school and with the economy in a state of “turmoil” it’s no wonder attendance just in the first 4 days of the fair is down 10,812…they’re all staying home and not giving into the greed

  • Joe Droppert

    Saw a stand with a bucket of fries with some chili for $9.00, seriously for 1 potato and a little cheese and chili??

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