I Think: Fatal Racing Accident

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Tony Stewart fatally colliding into racing driver Kevin Ward Jr. features this week.


  • Bill Vandersen

    Ward Jr should have remembered the advice about not playing in the line of traffic. My condolences are sent to all the people affected by this event with the request that it sheds light on the basis of appreciation of the next breath and to safeguard yourself. The loss is no different than if someone stands between the firing station and the target at the firing range!

  • David Kellis

    I don’t believe Stewart was guilty of anything, but was still responsible(in part) for Ward’s death. It did not appear that Tony did anything wrong, on August 9th, 2014. His contribution came from throwing his helmet in 2012, and every other over-the-top reaction in his racing career, to a real or imagined slight on the racetrack. He is a great racer, but he contributed to the mind-set that drivers must go above and beyond to prove that they want to win at all costs. Stay in your car, and wait for the emergency crew? “You’re not hungry enough.” Get out of your car, throw your helmet, it brings back the excitement of NASCAR. Tony Stewart has grown on me in the last few years, and I hope he can get past what happened. But the next time a driver in NASCAR decides to run across the track, throw a helmet, or wreck someone in the pits, remember, people who look up to them are watching, and learning.

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