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New Angle on a Trampoline Workout

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We call her “Mean Irene” but personal trainer Irene McCormick is also the queen of introducing us to new equipment, like the PlyoFit Trampoline. “It takes the trampoline that would normally be flat and lifts it up and puts it on an angle,” Irene explains.

The first move gets us comfortable, we simply sit down and stand up.  Irene tells us why the modified trampoline makes a difference. “For performance enhancement it’s amazing because it’s more functional. Because of the rebound, it responds to human movement better than a flat surface.”

The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. We use a side approach that starts with tapping and progresses to jumping, eventually trying to balance on one leg. The move – and the effort - changes dramatically when we approach the trampoline from the front.

In another drill, we have to react fast, to Irene’s clapping. It engages the brain as well as the body.

Adding a medicine ball creates a whole new dynamic. We can use it squatting, standing or kneeling to change the work load and target different muscles. “Your whole body is a piece of equipment,” says Irene, “that’s what I love about this.”

Even simple body weight moves like side planks take on new meaning on the PlyoFit Trampoline. “The movements are simple, they’re things you already know…you’re just applying them differently.”