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Traffic Warning Near Waukee Construction Site

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WAUKEE, Iowa -- School starts Wednesday in Waukee, but city officials say it’s not just the students that need to get ready. Alice’s Road has been under construction since last Spring, and with four schools less than a mile from construction, delays are going to get worse.

The city of Waukee has already contacted parents and students letting them know about the extra traffic, but they want to make sure everyone else living in the neighborhoods north of SE University Avenue avoid this headache.

Officials are encouraging driving on Hickman Road instead. It may add five to ten minutes to the commute, but the increase in traffic on SE University is going to slow you down even more.

Officials are also hoping to alleviate some of that congestion by lengthening the green light times for cars heading westbound (towards school) on University Avenue from 7-9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Officials plan on doing the same thing between 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. for east bound drivers to help with the extra school traffic.

Public Works will monitor and adjust the light times as needed for the next couple of weeks. “It is going to be a work in progress as we see the traffic go through and see how the cycles work there are going to be some changes and so you may be frustrated the first day out that there will be some changes to hopefully alleviate that congestion,” said city administrator Time Moerman.

Construction should wrap up by the end of November, but until then drivers should try to avoid Southeast University when possible.