Flu Vaccines Available, Experts Recommend Getting it Now

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Fall is more than a month away but some pharmaceutical companies are already shipping out flu vaccines. Only a few pharmacies in Iowa are providing the vaccine at this time, but now is a good time to get it because you’re less likely to have to deal with long lines or worry about shortages.

Because the vaccine lasts nine to 12 months, health experts say you can never get that shot too early. For the past couple of years Iowa’s flu season has been mild. The Iowa Health Department says a big part of that has to do with more people getting vaccinated.

Recent studies suggest the nasal spray may be more effective for kids ages two to eight. State epidemiologist Patricia Quinlisk says the nasal spray provides an additional layer of antibodies on the mucus membrane. “So you not only have that barrier, but of course you have the barrier that you get with your shot which is sort of inside your blood. So if you get the nasal spray you sort of get two barriers. Which then hopefully provides them with even more protection,” said Quinlisk.

If the spray is not available experts say you should get the shot which is less risky than waiting for the spray.

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