Calling All Yodelers: Iowa State Fair Needs You

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DES MOINES, Iowa- This year the Yodeling Contest at the Iowa State Fair had just three contestants, all three won ribbons!  Normally there would be a few more, but not this year.

The show must go on, so all three contestants gave it their best. Ken Reed of St.Charles was accompanied by his wife on the guitar, wearing 1800s clothing. "I usually get 13th place out of 7 yodelers," he said.  " Maybe I can do better this year," said Reed.

Kathy Buxton is from Winfield, she came to the fair just to listen to the yodelers. When she learned there were only two entries, she entered. She yodeled a song she used to do with her father. "We're a family that enjoys yodeling together," she said.

Deana Wright of Colfax said she had wanted to enter this contest for three years.  After her performance she said," I have no idea how to yodel, you can all attest to that." The crowd appreciated her being willing to try.

Regina Pirtle runs the Heritage Hall competitions.  She challenged the almost full house of spectators to step it up and enter yodeling next year. "Share your talent," she said. "Even though it's hidden, share it," she told the crowd.  She even offered the spectators a little lesson in how to yodel. "I had someone tell me one time,-little old lady who-  little old lady who, say that over and over and put some twang to it," she said. "Then you can start your yodeling career," she added.

For the record this year, Reed finished first, Buxton came in second place, and Deana Wright finished third.