Des Moines Demonstrators Protest Police Brutality

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- About two dozen demonstrators turned out in front of the State Capitol Thursday evening as part of a nationwide protest of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri and police brutality nationwide.

The rally was organized by Darriana Donegan, a Drake University student from Saint Louis. Her father lives just five minutes from the rioting. Donegan says, while the violence in Ferguson is in the spotlight, racism and police brutality exist everywhere.

"It keeps happening. And it seems as though people are getting numb to it because it happens so much which is why we need to use our voice today and say something about it now so that America doesn't just get numb and get used to it happening."

The demonstrators held a moment of silence to honor those they say have been unjustly killed by law enforcement.


  • coybaby

    Its unfortunate that all you can say is don’t these people have jobs and yes it will make a difference. A person’s life was taken. Its not like putting a horse or cow down, isn’t a life more valuable than a smart remark? History repeats itself because of ignorance. Please don’t overlook the seriousness of what is happening in our country because you don’t have a personal connection with the person.

  • Mason Haver

    WHO 13 makes a living off doing reporting that they think is controversial. 20 people are outside the capital and because they were mostly black WHO 13 did a “report”. They are turning into a tiny msnbc wannabe.

  • Kat

    Anytime Americans get off the couch & (nonviolently) speak up for our rights-I applaud them. More of us should do this…..

    • YouKnowItsTrue

      Do what? Jump to conclusions about “police brutality” before even knowing all of the facts? This officer may very well have been defending his life.

      • KAt

        I’m not talking about any specific “incident”. It’s funny you’re the one talking about jumping to conclusions…..DOH!

  • Kristi

    The Germans looked the other way when millions were slaughtered . We as Americans, as humans, simply cannot justify this. Four million hits of videos of police murdering, beating and degrading people is impossible to deny. Every one of these victims are our fellow human beings, we owe it to each other to do something.
    I hope there are more protests, let America see the truth of what’s happening.

  • YouKnowItsTrue

    Protesters in Ferguson were just looking for a reason to loot. Nothing says “we care” like looting liquor stores or getting a brand new set of rims for your $300 car.

  • Seriously

    Everytime a black person gets killed by anyone they wanna protest and want the whole world to know. What about all the shootings that are carried out by black people that never get media attention? Why don’t we protest that we want a harsh sentence. If people respected law enforcement like they should this probably would’ve never happened.

  • wakeup

    @youknowitstrue – this isn’t an issue about racism this is an issue about the excessive use of force by American police everyday. This happens to citizens of any color and class. Open your eyes. I hope you have to experience one of these encounters with police just for them to say they were defending their self when in reality they provoked you. You sicken me to think what is going on in our country is okay. YOU need to research the facts about police brutality before you make these remarks. It may not be happening in Iowa, but it is certainly a national issue. Please stop blaming the protesters for “being black and just wanting to create chaos”. The ones stealing from stores probably weren’t there to protest at all, they most likely felt they could get away with it at the time. Also please explain why Caucasian reporters were arrested? What happened to the rights of freedom to assemble, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press?

    • off2golfing

      I read and re-read “True’s” two posts and didn’t see anything in them about racism or race at all. Maybe you need to get off the soap box. Better yet, put your phone down and look up, you might be getting a crick in your neck.

    • Mike Cee

      There was nothing racist at all about the comments. The only one who needs to wake up is the one who reads something into what clearly isn’t there.

  • Clem

    The problem :. Quotas, revenue, internal competition, poor screening, lack of psychological evaluations on a regular basis.
    The Solution :- Greater transparencies, public forums, quarterly reports on revenue collected, citations and arrest reports based on race/vehicle models/gender.

    For example i am surprised that nobody thought it was a big deal that a 130 some citations were issued on i-235 last month in a 8 hour period.

  • Sue

    1. These are losers who do not have jobs. We are paying for these lazy peoples health care and otherwise.
    2. Not police brutality. Not racism. You attempt to take a peace officers gun, you will be shot regardless of color, as it should be.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The fact that this moment of silence took place at 7pm shows that lot of people on here have no idea what they’re talking about.


    No wonder this country is so messed up. So some folks have a peaceful demonstrations & you get a bunch of hate mongers foaming at the mouth, attacking them. Yeah, what was that Ghandi guy thinking. He should’ve gotten a real job……enjoy your police state, blowhards.

  • POET

    First of all, I agree we do have issues with brutality, but it’s unfortunate that it is perpetuated and committed by all races, creeds, and colors, from all over the world. The man that lost his life was not an innocent party, he committed a crime and as is seen over and over again all over this world, criminals refuse to own up to their crimes and will fight and hurt whoever gets in their way. It is my belief that this man committed a crime, and was about to commit another crime by injuring, or killing the very person that sticks his life out everyday to keep this country as safe as it is. The issue here is that people have to have something to feel important about in their lives so they protest issues without even knowing the facts, jumping to conclusions that are fueled by ignorance. It is clear for the whole world to see that this man committed a crime against an innocent person then walked out like he owned the place. When confronted, he still believed he was invincible and had some right to act anyway he felt like. This very thing cost him his life and I applaud those who help protect my well being on a daily basis from people with criminal minds.

  • sam

    I am so sick if hearing about this. Where the heck are all these protesters or where is rev. Jessie jackson when black people are shooting black people. Or when a black person kills a white person!?

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