Kid’s Bubble Gum & Kid Contest Day at Iowa State Fair

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DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa State Fair has plenty of competition, but no contest can be harder to measure or judge than the Bubble Gum contest. Thursday morning a couple dozen kids took the stage to try their mouth out at blowing a bubble.

The contest was in 4 age groups, with each kid being given two pieces of bubble gum. The groups start with ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16 and up.

Having two pieces is important according to Chad Weir, who was the master of ceremonies. "Chew slowing two pieces of Double Bubble," said Weir. "Then blow with slow and steady pressure," he added. He said some bubbles  can get 8-12 inches big.  Some high school students " blow bubbles so big, when they pop, it covers their face," he added.

Rowan Langford of Des Moines was in the 12 year old age division. She was holding a yellow ribbon for her efforts.  She said "chew your gum until the sugar is out of it, that way it will make a better bubble."

Many events Thursday at the Iowa State Fair were competitions for kids, things like Bubble Gum Blowing, Big Wheel Races, Pie Eating, Sidewalk Bowling, Bozo Ball, Remote Control Cars, and a Scavenger Hunt. Members of the Iowa Park and Recreation Association helped put on the events. Bubble Gum MC Chad Weir is with the Parks and Recreation Department in Marshalltown.