A-Mazing Image of Al Roker in Iowa Corn Maze

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ATKINS, Iowa — The Today Show’s Al Roker has some big fans in Iowa, big enough that they’ve chosen to wish Al a happy 60th birthday in a very unique way.

Dave and Karen Petersen have had corn mazes at Bloomsbury Farms for years, but this year they’ve chosen to honor Al Roker in the maze’s design. They say they chose to use Al’s likeness because he is such a great guy, and he shares a birth date with Karen.

The design was created in about an hour on the computer to fit in the 10 acres of corn on the Atkins farm. Karen says the corn was planted in two directions to create a grid, and the maze cutter cut the maze into the corn when the corn grew to about 4 to 6 inches in height.

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