Group Wants Iowa State Fair Attendees to “Think Green”

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Waste Management of Iowa wants Iowa State Fair-goers to "think green" this year.

This year marks the fifth year the group has partnered with the fair to increase recycling on the fair grounds. In 2013, a record 70,000 pounds of waste was recycled.

"We have one of the largest state fair attendances in the country. You know, close to a million - if not over a million people every year," said Rick Parrish, District Manager for Waste Management of Iowa. "This is a great audience to get that messaging out, and to get people to recycle throughout the state of Iowa."

They're promoting the cause again this year with a green waste management truck at the grandstand. The group said the goal is to offset the cost of waste management at the fair through the savings from recycling.

Waste Management also advertised its new compressed natural gas truck at the fair. The new trucks can reduce greenhouse gas by over 21% compared to diesel engines.

"Back in 2007, we had a goal with Waste Management to reduce our fuel emissions by 15%. And also save 15% of our fuel costs. We've done that by 20% since 2012," he said.