Iowa Doctors Fined for Operating on Wrong Body Parts

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Two Iowa doctors will pay a civil penalty for operating on the wrong part of a patient’s body.

Forty-nine-year-old Dr. Tuvi Mendel works in the Quad Cities. According to the Iowa Board of Medicine Dr. Mendel performed operated on the wrong ankle of his patient. He recognized the mistake and told the patient.

Forty-eight-year-old Rene Recinos is a doctor in Mason City. The board says he did surgery on the correct hand, but the wrong finger. He also recognized the error and told the patient.

The board fined both doctors $2,500 for their mistakes.


  • DKW

    I would never recommend mendel to anyone. My opinions: go elsewhere, be leery, watch out, please listen. Because of mendel I am now forever in pain and misery. PAIN and MISERY!! PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!!!!

  • abes

    A few years ago, I had tuvi mendel, operate on my tendon. What a start to a never ending nightmare. I was relatively young and in good shape. He never diagnosed a post op staph infection, despite my pleading with him, despite my great symptoms for almost 6 horrible months. He repeatedly told me he didn’t know what it was, but it was not an infection. Iowa City instantly diagnosed the staph infection and painfully operated on it twice. The growing staph did great damage. More painful surgeries followed. Also post Mendel’s initial surgery, I asked him why my foot NOW turns outward. He told me, he didn’t know why, but I would have to learn to walk that way. This outward, pronated way of walking now, I feel, has exacerbated my continuous pain. My foot is now full of painful arthritis. I continue to suffer daily. Let me repeat that word….DAILY. Continuously. My abilities have been severely limited. Insofar as the above statement, saying Correction actions to avoid such errors…. I feel those corrective actions should have or were, years ago, put into place.After the pain, suffering, and grief I went and continue to go through, my spouse coined a phrase that I was MENDELIZED. Why can mendel presumably skate by? Why does mendel still have a license? Where is mendel’s schooling? Why are there victims and mendel can continue? Why such a small, apparent punitive charge, for the pain and suffering that seemingly was created for what should be standard practice to absolutely, 100 percent know exactly which area will be operated on?

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