Kitten Thrown From Moving Vehicle Along Highway 30

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AMES, Iowa--A small kitten was thrown out of a moving vehicle along Highway 30 and left for dead.

"I saw something in the middle of the road and it looked like something off a tire but when I drove past it I almost hit it and it moved," says Tess Hudson of Ames.

Luckily, Hudson was in the right place at the right time.

"I grabbed this thing out of the middle of the road and it was a kitten and it was completely okay. He was really scared, he was shocked.  He was meowing and I wrapped him in a flannel and I took him to the animal control shelter," says Hudson.

Ron Edwards with Ames Animal Control says the kitten was checked out by the veterinarian.

"He was definitely scared he`s still very shy, very scared.  We`re very fortunate that he didn't have any significant injuries," says Edwards.

Edwards says he's keeping an eye on the kitten who got his name from the woman who saved his life.

"The car I drove up to him and rescued him in was a mini-cooper so we were coming up with name associations and I said I drive a mini-cooper and they said Cooper is his name," says Hudson.

Ames Police also had a break in the case.  Another driver saw the cat being thrown from the car, followed the vehicle into town and took a picture of the suspect's license plate.

"Right now our investigators are trying to get a hold the registered owner of that vehicle to find out what their side of the story is because we don`t have that yet," says Commander Geoff Huff with the Ames Police Department.

At just one pound, Cooper needs to gain a little weight before being adopted.   As fate would have it, Hudson has decided to take him home.

"We`re really excited about C
ooper having a happy ending to what could have been a horrible, horrible thing for this tiny little kitten," says Edwards.

Hudson, who's going to school to become a veterinarian,  says she can't wait to give Cooper a safe place to call home.

"He`s a beautiful little kitten, I`m in love with him," says Cooper.

The Ames Police Department says the suspect could face a variety of charges including animal cruelty.



  • Carri Ortiz

    Really? They want to hear their side of the story? No story could be worth it! Creeps throw kittens out of car going 65 mph! Charge them with animal abuse! Its a felony!

  • Ali

    Living on a farm I’ve had a kitten climb into the wheel bearings of my car without me even knowing and jump out on the gravel road and be completely fine. I’m not sure if this could be the same situation but I honestly don’t see someone just throwing a kitten out of the window or anything! I mean the full story isn’t here but if someone did try to intentionally hurt this little guy, HOW SICK! But I can also understand from a personal perspective how kittens can get stuck under the car.

  • lb

    Who ever wrote this article needs to go back to grammar school. My goodness. A news reported publishing their story should proofread.

  • KN Black

    I don’t know about the Ames Animal shelter, but most shelters will accept an animal in need with out hassles of any kind. Any take away from this sad story is that if people, like the cruel people in this incident, go through the work to go out on the highway to get rid of a needy animal, just turn off on Duff and go a couple of blocks east and give the unwanted animal to the shelter. It doesn’t take any extra work. Maybe some money could be used to advertise how easy and meaningful it is to give a small animal a chance instead of a cruel painful death.

  • TC

    Let’s hope ALI is correct and the animal had climbed up in the framework of the vehicle and just fell out. We can at least hope that there is not someone in Iowa that could be so cruel to an animal, but 2 witnesses don’t show much promise for that scenario. THANKS to both Hudson and the person that got the license plate and turned it in.

  • Brenda McDanel

    It very easily could have been in the vehicle without their knowledge ~ we had a cat that anytime we left the window open she would go in there and sleep. If it is an outside cat she may have brought the kitten/s in there with her and one just climbed up and out an open window as they were driving without the driver seeing.. so please don’t pre-judge until we have the full story. But they sure need to proofread.. I like at the end where Cooper said “He’s a beautiful little kitten, I’m in love with him.” I thought Cooper WAS the kitten?

  • Randy Graven

    I live in the country and I, too have had cats climb up on the axle,usually in the winter when it’s cold and the vehicle is warm. But I’ve also seen a case where they threw a kitten out the window every mile or so (also on US 30). I picked them up( the ones that weren;t dead) and brought them to the farm. I know of people having put them thru a hole in a frozen creek. Or given them to their pit bull to play with. And dump kittens and pups out in subzero temps to starve or freeze to death. Also if you read the article the witness saw the kitten thrown from the car. I have no sympathy.

    • Grace Calvert

      Disgusting! What is wrong with people? Why do people feel the need to torture and kill animals? I mean, you gotta be a real tough guy (or girl) to torture a tiny kitten or puppy, or even a full-grown animal. How big of a loser do you have to be to pick on a helpless animal? I say, if you want to pick on somebody, go get in a bar fight or something. Someone who’s at least a willing participant. At least they can put up a fair fight!

  • Sue

    When they say they want the owner of the car’s side of the story, maybe they mean that it is possible that just because it was their car, it may not have been them that threw the kitten out.
    WHOEVER did it has a special place waiting in h*ll for them because this says a lot about the kind of person they are.
    Iowa desperately needs harsher animal cruelty laws.

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