PACK UP: Homeless Must Be Out By Tomorrow


Pack your belongings or the city will do it for you.

That was the message given two weeks ago to about 40 homeless people who have to leave their camp sites by tomorrow morning.

Earlier this month, an administrative law judge ruled the city could evict homeless people who have set up camp along the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers.

The deadline to leave was Friday, August 15th but city officials won’t be cleaning up camp sites until tomorrow morning.

Sunday morning, only a handful of homeless people remained camped out.

One of those people is Douglas Fields who says he has no place to go.

“I’m really concerned. I’ll live under a bridge if I have to. They don’t care,” said Fields.

Some of the homeless have been assisted by organizations like Primary Health Care and Iowa Legal Aid.

Others will head to Central Iowa Shelter and Services, which is often up to 60 beds short of demand.


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