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Branstad Says Perry’s Indictment May Be Politically Beneficial

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Gov. Terry Branstad is reacting to a grand jury's indictment of Texas governor Rick Perry.

Perry is facing two felony charges and he says he will fight them. Perry was indicted on charges of coercion of a public servant and abuse of his official capacity.

Ot stems from allegations that Perry used his power to pressure a district attorney to resign following her OWI arrest and conviction. Perry threatened to veto the budget for a unit run by the DA unless she stepped down and followed through on that threat.

Branstad says this ordeal may actually help Perry politically.

“It could well help him that you have this kind of attack being leveled against him...it is an attack and it also is coming out of a particular county where you wouldn't exactly expect even-handedness,” says Branstad.

Gov. Branstad points out that these are just charges at this point and that Perry is innocent until proven guilty.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    This will work to Perry’s advantage. The psyho-drunk bringing these charges is a complete loser that has brought shame to her office. Perry said he would veto it again without pause. Good for him.

    • Peggy

      This has worked for the Governor so far. He’s good to go until his court case comes up conveniently scheduled for after the election.

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