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Iowa State Fair Attendance Down from 2013

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2014 Iowa State Fair (WHO-HD)

2014 Iowa State Fair (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The 2014 Iowa State Fair is in the books and now crews are working to clean up the fairgrounds and dismantle many of its attractions.

The food stands, the rides and all the trash is being clean up Monday.

Alberta Finley owns four food stands. She says it it’ll take her two days to tear them all down.

“Setting up is more fun yes, tearing down is a dirty job,” says Finley.

Most of the stands will go into storage until next year’s state fair.

There were over 99,000 people who attended the last day of the fair. That brought the total fair attendance for 2014 to 1,015,092. That’s down 32,136 attendees from the 2013 fair.

The record attendance was set in 2008, when 1,109,150 people visited the Iowa State Fair.


  • BrutallyHonest

    Its getting too expensive so expect to see the numbers to continue to drop. $9 bucks for a turkey leg, c’mon!

  • Deb

    Cost is a big thing, parking cost is unreal , and the food cost has gotten out of line, My questions is do they have to raise the prices of the food because the fair board is taking to big of a cut into there profits?

  • plynitsafe

    I haven’t been to the Fair in 17 years. When we did go? We packed Coolers. One full of food, One full of drink. We would take a break, head back to the vehicle, turn on the A/C, sit, have a drink, made some sandwiches, chips, dip, pasta salad .. then head back for a bit or most times? After eating all that food and Think about walking back through the gates? Nah .. we just went on home. LOL’ !

  • Jack

    Seems to be a theme here. It’s too expensive. Can’t blame the weather (very nice temps). If prices keep rising attendance will probably drop even more.

  • Frank Hannaford

    We have been coming to the fair from Omaha, NE for several years and always thoroughly enjoy it. This year was no exception. I don’t think the food prices are out of line and considering the immense number of exhibits and things to do, overall price is well worth it. I suspect overall attendance is affected more by general weather, entertainment, etc. than prices.

  • Larry McBroom

    When we started showing at the Iowa State Fair 22 years ago, 4-H exhibitors where given one admission ticket for each day exhibiting plus one ticket for parking and one ticket for the driver. Advance tickets for exhibitors where also priced below advanced tickets for the general public. Now, it is one ticket per 4-Her, period. It seems to me that the fair has forgot about the exhibitors, and only concentrates on making a very large profit.

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