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“White Ghost” Returns to Pappajohn Sculpture Park

DES MOINES, Iowa - After nearly nine months the "White Ghost" sculpture is returning to the Pappajohn Sculpture Park in downtown Des Moines.

The sculpture was removed for repair work in December. The sculpture was shipped to New York where the repair work took place. Crews worked Thursday morning to re-install the sculpture. The sculpture was first installed in 2011.

"We installed it shortly after the park opened, and I think the community has really embraced this particular piece," said Christine Doolittle, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Des Moines Arts Center. "They've embraced the park as a whole, but I think a lot of people really missed this piece, so they should be happy that it's back."

Doolittle says the center is also planning to repair another piece in the park, the Panoramic Awareness Pavilion. One of the colorful panes on the pavilion was shattered recently, and while the center says they're currently investigating the cause, they hope it wasn't due to vandalism. Doolittle says they're reviewing security footage to figure out how it happened, and hope to have the repairs done in the near future.

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