Gov. Candidate Jack Hatch Tours IA Vet’s Home with Sen. Jim Webb

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hatch Iowa Vets Home

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa —  State Senator Jack Hatch came to the Iowa Veteran’s Home Friday. The Democratic candidate for governor of Iowa came with former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia who is a Marine and Vietnam veteran.

Webb said he’d been around the military his whole life, since his father was a career military officer.  On the visit here he was looking forward to, “going around and seeing how they live and talking about their service.” Webb also said he appreciated Jack’s interest in Veteran’s issues.

“My father just passed away at age 96, he was a WWII Veteran, we’ve always been proud of his service,” said Hatch.  Mr. Hatch said he was also proud of Sen. Webb’s service, as well as, “all the men and women here who have given the sacrifice of service to their country.”

Hatch noted there have been some problems the last 3-4 years at the Iowa Veterans Home. “but the residents now appear to be better cared for and happier, said Hatch.  “Many of our veterans when they get older need a great place to stay that’s what we in the past,” said Hatch. He continued, “we have been proud of this Veteran’s Home and we want to be proud of it again.”

Mr. Hatch also would like to see more information from the Governor regarding contracts at the Iowa Veterans Home. “The Governor and his administration needs to answer some questions on some construction contracts,” said Hatch.