Local Protestors Heading to Ferguson, Others Think Des Moines Needs Attention

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DES MOINES, Iowa - For nearly two weeks all eyes have been on Ferguson. The death of the unarmed teen, Michael Brown, resonates hundreds of miles away in Evelyn Davis Park.

Calvetta Williams says, “Were tired. Enough is enough.” Williams’ daughter was allegedly beat and bloodied by police after she was arrested last year. Willimas founded Mothers Against Violence and feels Des Moines’ voice should be heard in Ferguson.

“We could have been Ferguson. I`m a mother so I sympathize with the mother and father. This could have been my child.”

Saturday morning she and about a dozen others will travel to Ferguson to protest despite the criticism she received from the community.

“A lot of people have told me I shouldn`t go. I went to sleep I prayed on it and I woke up with the same feeling. I need to be there.”

However others say Des Moines has problems of his own that should be focused on. Andrew Williams says he won’t be traveling to Ferguson to protest. He held a protest Friday night in the King Irving Neighborhood.

"I kind of got upset. Everyone got kind of emotionally involved about what’s going down in Ferguson and when it happened here, you didn`t hear anything," says Williams.

Williams chanted “We respect you, so you respect us” through the streets, asking for respect from police who shot two men in the neighborhood several years ago.

“Ferguson is important as well but this is important right here too.”


  • dan

    I say better hurry, the media is pulling out of there.
    How can you protest something that you don’t have all the facts?
    Here’s a few clues,,,, attack a cop and they can arrest you. Attack a cop and they can shoot you as many times as necessary to remove the threat. In Iowa it’s 75 or so shots. In Mo. it was 6.
    So I say go down there and Al Sharpton can pat you on the head and tell you your doing good. Oh wait he’s gone too….. oh well…….

  • Paul

    You want to go down there and create more tension then do it in your own name, you don’t represent Des Moines or Iowa. Why don’t you just keep your nose out of something that’s not your business.

  • Juju

    One can sympathize with Brown’s parents over losing their son; HOWEVER, one should not project or rewrite what happened. Brown charged the officer, he was shot dead. He was in the wrong and it is time for responsibility to make a comeback. Enough blame-shifting and stirring the pot when someone does a bad thing and refuses to own it. Going to Ferguson is only being a troublemaker. Stop being racist and assuming because Brown was black that he was an innocent party. The racist/sexist/whatever card has been overplayed and crying wolf has lost its punch.

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      Maybe you should stop assuming the cop is innocent just because he’s white and the victim was black. Considering the police have already been caught lying about the victim, including one cop posting a photo of another black kid holding a gun, claiming it was Brown, which of course it wasn’t,at best no one can say what the truth is at this point.

  • POET

    I’m standing firm in my belief, that losers like these have nothing else to do with their time or their lives, so they have to stand for anything, even something they have no clue on. The issue in Ferguson, is not what it appears and like the legal system, innocent until proven guilty. Yet so many are shouting guilty w/o proof. So idiots like you can fill your dull boring lives with whatever it is that you can find at the time that makes you feel special and good. My advice, don’t come back, just nestle up with all those fine looters and thugs in Ferguson. See how long it takes you all to realize the err of your ways with your misguided emotions.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Fact #1 – 99.9% of all arrests in the United States result in no use of a firearms by either side (FBI). Fact #2 – 90% of black homicides are committed by blacks (FBI). The outrage is miss placed. It’s the destruction of the black family nucleus is the main culprit. Stay away from the race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson. If the facts come out that the officer acted with malice, he will be found guilty and will go to prison.

  • john

    Is there not real news to report… no one cares that a bunch of jobless losers from des moines are going to mo

  • Bia

    Why my kids dad is out there protesting….ha…where is my rights to get child support from his jobless tush…just lames all of them!

  • Paul

    Who’s protesting for the poor shop owners who got looted? That’s right, NOBODY….they weren’t black. Isn’t that racist???

    • joeboo

      The kid could have been shot by the store owner then it wouldnt have even made a headline. Just another stupid thief bites the dust.

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        according to the store owner he wasn’t a thief you silly child, and according to the video as well. and you can blame the media for playing a large role for fanning the flames, including fox

  • joeboo

    Guess you looked at a different video the one shown on national tv,it shows a shop owner trying to stop him from leaving with stolen goods (cigars) and the nearby shop owners called 911. Get your facts straight!

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      Guess you should get your facts straight, the attorney for the store owner appears to disagree with your version except for it being someone other than the store owner who called the police. That would bee the official statement from the store owner by the way, not a rumor.

      Facts are something you obviously have no interest in, by the way you forgot the videio showing brown paying for the cigars he took.

      What’s your nickname on stormfront.

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