Local Protestors Heading to Ferguson, Others Think Des Moines Needs Attention

DES MOINES, Iowa – For nearly two weeks all eyes have been on Ferguson. The death of the unarmed teen, Michael Brown, resonates hundreds of miles away in Evelyn Davis Park.

Calvetta Williams says, “Were tired. Enough is enough.” Williams’ daughter was allegedly beat and bloodied by police after she was arrested last year. Willimas founded Mothers Against Violence and feels Des Moines’ voice should be heard in Ferguson.

“We could have been Ferguson. I`m a mother so I sympathize with the mother and father. This could have been my child.”

Saturday morning she and about a dozen others will travel to Ferguson to protest despite the criticism she received from the community.

“A lot of people have told me I shouldn`t go. I went to sleep I prayed on it and I woke up with the same feeling. I need to be there.”

However others say Des Moines has problems of his own that should be focused on. Andrew Williams says he won’t be traveling to Ferguson to protest. He held a protest Friday night in the King Irving Neighborhood.

“I kind of got upset. Everyone got kind of emotionally involved about what’s going down in Ferguson and when it happened here, you didn`t hear anything,” says Williams.

Williams chanted “We respect you, so you respect us” through the streets, asking for respect from police who shot two men in the neighborhood several years ago.

“Ferguson is important as well but this is important right here too.”


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