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Woman Accused of Faking Daughter’s Terminal Illness

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ATLANTIC, Iowa - An Atlantic woman is accused of child endangerment after claiming her five-year-old daughter was dying of cancer.

Leatha Slauson, 30, of Atlantic, has been charged with felony child endangerment. Police said Slauson claimed her daughter had cancer and had recently claimed that the cancer was terminal. Investigators said the girl does not suffer from any life threatening illness. No one else has been charged in the case, according to police.

Slauson also faces charges of distribution of drugs to a child under 18 for allegedly giving her daughter cannabis oil.  Officials said medical tests showed the presence of THC in the child's system.

During a press conference Friday, officials said they began looking into the case after school officials began looking into the type of care the girl would need. As the school began to look into the situation, medical contacts didn't pan out and the school contacted law enforcement.

According to a press release, individuals and organizations have contributed money to the girl and her family. A trip to Disney World was organized for the family as well.

Investigators are discouraging the public from donating contributions to the "Super Riley" fund.

A Facebook page believed to be created for Slauson’s daughter shows a tube coming from the five-year-old’s nose.  There are also several videos of the girl.  Some of them show her crying, another one shows her in the process of her head being shaved.

Among the mother’s alleged posts:  “Waiting for the surgeon… hope we get good news.”

Slauson is being held in the Cass County Jail.

The investigation into the case is ongoing.


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