Body Found Near Greenbelt Trail, Clive Police Say Death Is Suspicious

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CLIVE, Iowa - The Clive Police Department and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation are looking into a suspicious death of a man found near the Greenbelt Trail.

Around 10:00 Saturday morning, workers cleaning up trash along the trail spotted the 21 - year - old, Zachary Paulsen, next to a chain - linked fence at 7930 University Boulevard. The location where he was found was a business owned by his family, Dean Paulsen and Sons Inc.

"The victim had been here for some time. The business closed yesterday afternoon so obviously we can say it was sometime after yesterday afternoon," says police chief, Michael Venema.

Police did not go into detail as to why the death is being called suspicious. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday to determine the cause and manner of his death.

Venema says it has been a year since the department has handled its last suspicious death case. Anyone with information in Paulsen's death is to contact the Clive Police Department at 515-278-1312.