Ako Abdul-Samad Spends Three Minutes in the Chair

DES MOINES, Iowa - A local civil rights leader is weighing-in on the police shooting of the unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri. Ako Abdul-Samad runs an urban outreach program called "creative visions."

He`s also a Des Moines state representative .

And he spent “Three Minutes in the Chair”.

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  • Bill

    This is the weakest pathetic interview on this subject I have seen to date. Winters simply served Mr. Samad his lines to amplify….not a single hard question like “do you believe that the community should wait until most of the evidence is released before deciding who was at fault”…or ” why do you believe that Chicago with it’s racially diverse police force have a higher death rate than Furguson..mainly black on black”….on and on….your interview, in my opinion as a former Des Moines resident, was a farse.

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