Workforce Development Director Explains Overpayment ‘Glitch’

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Workforce Development director Teresa Wahlert spoke Monday about the over payment of unemployment benefits.

We first found out about the $27,000 in over payments last week. IWD officials say 85 people received money they weren’t supposed to last March and they weren’t required to pay it back.

That’s because IWD says it was a computer glitch and an error by the department.

Director, Teresa Wahlert made the call on how to handle the situation and told her workers to keep quiet about the situation. Wahlert was out of town when we asked to speak with her last week.

Monday she explained her decision to allow people to keep the overpayments.

“No one is going to be penalized because it would cost us way more to collect the small number it was only about $27,000 and on a scale of a fund that has $1.1 billion in it, it really is quite a small number. So we don’t want to penalize Iowans and we don’t want to spend our time going after that amount of money when we know what happened,” said Wahlert.

We’ll hear more from Wahlert and several IWD administrative law judges Tuesday and Wednesday during Legislative Oversight Hearings.


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