13Raw VIDEO: Dashcam from Arrest of Homeless Woman

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The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has released the dashcam video of the arrest of Diane Smith.



  • Michael

    Wow good job at checking your facts before you run a story 13, she was really attacked for being cooperative as in the report you ran this morning . This is why cops are getting a bad reputation, because of awesome media outlets that just run random stories before getting both sides of the story. I think a fact checker needs to be fired…

    • Jim

      Even in the follow up 13 tries to justify their story with interviewers saying what the officer “should have” said and done. 13 couldn’t even bring themselves to say ” if the woman hadn’t resisted arrest for illegally panhandling, the dog wouldn’t have been harmed”. It is obvious SHE is the one that pulled on the leash, not the officer. Quit sensationalizing stories just to get viewers. Intelligent people can see through this kind of reporting.

    • Jim

      And apologize ON AIR as many times as this story aired. Maybe take the officer back to the “scene of the crime” to apologize to him like 13 took the woman back to get the BIG scoop.

  • Lis

    And the Oscar goes to…..NOT this obnoxious drama queen. What disease doesn’t she have? She is one nasty piece of work, mouthy, uncooperative, belligerent, and lying. Unfortunately, she is typical of the attitude prevalent currently that one can do whatever one wishes without consequences.

  • Lis

    Kathy Bates could play her to a T if there was a movie made of this histrionic woman. I give the officer a huge thumbs up for his calmness and patience.

  • Bk

    Police did a wonderful job and get there cool with this drama Queen who needs help, she shouldn’t be able to carry weapon when she is not mentally there. What is this world coming too. She can sue but she gonna look like unstable person!

  • Peter Gatliff

    Another fine example why money should be restored back to SSI for mental health. Ronnie Reagan began defunding mental health and patients dumped on the streets seems to be the norm.

  • John Harvey

    The officer in the pan handling case lacked an exit strategy when there was no probable cause to
    give attention to her. He had an obligation under law to give attention to a violation of the law and he had
    a legitimate duty to find out who she is. Once the violation was handled his duty ceased.

    The officer was was ticked at the presentation of a weapon permit and treated it as a threat. Why?
    He did not need to ran across a field and tackle her and hand cuff her. The charge for interference is a
    slam dunk charge when there is no real reason to make any additional charge.

    Show a weapons permit – not recommended but not against the law- No one has been attacked with a weapons permit
    Run across the field not recommended but not against the law
    Resist arrest not recommended but she was not under arrest.
    Telling media tall tales not recommended but not against the law
    Troubled demeanor not recommended but not illegal

    • Jim

      Obviously you didn’t pay attention to the officer explaining to the woman that this was the third time he had to respond to her being a nuisance to the public. He WAS trying to explain to her the violation code when she became belligerent and walked away when he told her she was being detained. You need to either watch or rewatch the full 45 minute video, the officer DID NOT tackle her and struggling while being handcuffed is resisting. Oh, when you watch this video you may want to LISTEN also so you know when and why she was arrested. And, when someone tells me they have a concealed weapons permit, I have to believe they also have a weapon, so the officer is correct with assuming there is a possible threat.

  • josh

    How can anyone stand up for this lady? Mental would be a compliment. Compulsive liar would be the truth…. first she said she was brutally attacked which ed lead to back problems then a short time later says it was a car accident…..

  • nascar4401

    To top it off she was afraid this would hurt her chances of getting section 8 housing…LOL 13 news you need to apologize to this cop!

  • Poet

    Sorry but John Harvey is a moronic imbecile and I wont’ say it but probable to be a ferguson supporter as well. Another mental patient who doesn’t understand the law, the reasoning for constable on patrol (John Harvey, that means COP) and how we live the way we do, have the rights we do and my hat goes off to 99% of law enforcement that endanger their lives daily to protect the people. Many times over something like this turns into the perp pulling a gun out and killing someone, maybe your father, son, or someone you know trying to protect you from people with obvious mental issues such as this person.
    Now as for channel 13, I’m now an ex-watcher as I’ve always liked them the best, but over the years, it has turned into the most glorious of channels. No more for me.

  • michael

    That worthless cop need to loose his badge that was false arrest he told her she was not under arrest so she started to walk away then he pulls that resisting arrest crap he needs to become homeless with no money then what would he do more then likely the same thing or would they rather people in her situation rob and steal asking for it should not be illegal i have been in her situation before homeless and no money so i did the same thing she was doing i did not want to rob or steal to be able to eat so i panhandled to survive

    • Michael Johanson

      As was already stated previously.. She offered information , I am guessing handing her weapons permit to the deputy, as it was off camera, and made a remark, which I also inferred as a threat. He had every right to proceed as he did.
      The best thing she could have done was practiced her right to remain silent, accepted the final warning for pan-handling, and everything would have been great.
      She was trying to be provoking even showing the weapon permit, saying what she said, when anyone in their right mind knows you do not have to produce, unless you are actually carrying.
      I have been accosted by Des Moines finest, have had my rights violated, ect. We have a lot of good and a few bad. This is one of the good ones as far as I can tell.

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