Employee Falsified West Des Moines Water Quality Results



WEST DES MOINES,  Iowa — A West Des Moines Water Works employee is out of a job for falsifying a water quality report.

A spokesperson says a plant operator filed a report saying a water sample tested negative for bacteria when it was actually positive. Another employee noticed and notified management.

A second round of tests was ordered and they came back clean.

We’re told the water is safe to drink and nobody was put at risk by the falsified report.

The employee was allowed to resign.

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    • RS

      Seriously?? This debate was over in the ’50s. Study after study has proven there is no appreciable risk to fluoride in drinking water while it does improve oral health. But let’s not let science into conspiracy theories, it screws everything up!

      “Allowed to resign” is poli-speak for “forced to quit”. If they fired this person, he’d probably be able to collect umemployment insurance which the department would have to partly fund.

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