Public Hearing Held on Cannabis Oil Rules

DES MOINES, Iowa — The public got to weigh in on the new rules being made to govern medical marijuana Tuesday.

The cannabis oil legislation took effect July 1st, however it hasn’t been effective at giving children access to the oil because state leaders haven’t implemented the rules and procedures.

The law doesn’t allow people to sell or purchase the oil in Iowa. They can possess it, but only with a recommendation from a doctor, and they have to go to another state to get it.

A man with Iowa and Colorado residency attended Tuesday’s rules hearing.

He says the medicine works and that Iowans are breaking the law to get it.

“Every Iowan right now who wants to obtain any form of medical marijuana in the state of Iowa they are criminals. Even these children. And it breaks my heart and I feel blessed when I see their situations improve. Like Brady who moved to Colorado Springs and his seizures have reduced to almost nothing,” says medical marijuana advocate Raymond Lakers.

Officials say they will take the feedback into consideration and hope to finish making the rules and procedures by the end of the year.


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