Change of Venue Granted for Woman Accused in 1983 Double Murder

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Terri Supino is led from a Jasper County Courtroom after her Change of Venue Hearing

Terri Supino is led from a Jasper County Courtroom after her Change of Venue Hearing

NEWTON, Iowa – A change of venue motion has been granted in the case of Terri Supino. Supino is facing charges in a 1983 double murder.

Judge Terry Rickers made the ruling after attorneys for the prosecution and defense agreed that finding an impartial jury would be difficult.

“It is my understanding that the county attorney and I agree that we would win that motion, and the change of venue should occur,” said Supino’s defense attorney, Steven Addington.

During the hearing, the defense presented a DVD copy of the program “Cold Justice,” which aired last March detailing the case.  The defense also had pages and pages of local media coverage of the event to present as evidence.  The defense is also working to get additional video and out-takes from the production company which produced the episode. So far the producers of the show are not complying with requests for more information.

After a phone coversation last week with legal counsel for the show defense attorney Jill Eimermann said the show has a “belief that (video) is somehow priveledged information.”

Judge Rickers said he would consult with judicial officials regarding a place to move the trial to.  Jasper County Attorney Mike Jacobsen asked the court be aware of logistics not just for Supino, but for the victims’ families as well.  Judge Rickers asked attorneys to keep mid January into February open for a possible trial.