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Member of TV Show Crew Killed During Police Shootout

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


OMAHA, Nebraska – An armed robbery at a fast food restaurant ended in a shootout with Omaha police that left the suspect dead and killed a crew member for the TV show “Cops”.

According to WOWT-TV, police responded to an armed robbery at a Wendy’s restaurant at about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday. The suspect held a clerk at gunpoint and demanded cash before walking outside to find police waiting. During the confrontation, shots were exchanged and the suspect was wounded. The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officials said that an audio technician for the TV show “Cops”  was also struck by police gunfire during the shootout. The crew member later died from their injuries. The name of the crew member is not being released at this time.

“Cops” has been filming in Omaha since June.


    • gmak1953

      If you don’t care for WHO, then why bother reading their posts? I think you focused on the wrong thing: a man died! Does it matter where it happened?

      • Nice Misleading

        Men and women and children die every day. A Des Moines station obviously is trying to get free hits because people know Cops has been filming here too. All that needed to be done was to add “Omaha” to the headline. It’s just journalism 101.

        If WHO ran a story about every shooting that happens in the world, it’d make for a packed site. And they don’t do that…except for today…because they knew people would be interested if they made it seem as though it happened in Des Moines.

      • gmak1953

        I get that it happened in Omaha. But like I said, a man died. Perhaps had you known him, you wouldn’t think it was so unimportant. Have a good day

    • Nice Misleading

      And…I typically don’t get my news from TV stations. Too much journalistic ignorance. However, it popped up on my Facebook and, thinking it was a Des Moines incident, I went to read it. I should know better by now that Des Moines TV is, indeed, nothing but garbage. But I admittedly get suckered in from time to time. I’ll learn eventually.

    • Mike Cee

      The first two words of the story are “Omaha, Nebraska”. If you can’t figure it out from that then there’s probably nothing that will help.

    • Mike M

      If you paid attention to any media…all reports in the morning and all day have said “in Omaha”. No need to trash WHO because you dont pay attention man.

    • K

      They do it to get you to their website and help generate ad revenue. If you knew it was Omaha, but didn’t know any/many people in Omaha you’d be much less likely to click the story and generate another page hit.

    • gmak1953

      well, I think if that’s the worst thing you have to get upset over, you should consider yourself very lucky. You :’wasted’ time looking at something that doesn’t appeal to you and how much more time have you ‘wasted’ looking at remarks. Hey dude, it’s not worth it :) Chill and get on with your life.

  • Mitzi Slemp

    Does it really matter if it was Des Moines or some place else? Does it make it more exciting if it happened here? Someone died that was the point of the story, for crying out loud. I just don’t understand people anymore.

  • Pay attention and you'd have known morons

    Not sure about you morons, but I see “Omaha, Nebraska” in the tagline for the thumbnail. Good job complaining because you can be bothered to read past the headline.

  • Nikki K Mancuso

    How pathetic to claim to have been mislead because you wasted a whole two seconds to click a link! Seriously, how pathetic is that? You were interested to read it when you thought it was in Des Moines, why….is it now not as important? Cops is a national television show, not only was the robber killed but one of the crew members died. Step out of the bubble you seem to be in and realize that news does happen in other places and local media isn’t required to only report on local stories. Some of us actually broaden ourselves to know things that happen outside where we live. Shows there are truly ignorant people out there! Thoughts to everyone involved.

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