Beauty School Facing Lawsuit from Iowa Attorney General

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s top prosecutor is accusing a beauty school based in Fort Dodge of scamming students.

The Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit against La’ James International College Thursday, claiming fraud. The suit claims La’ James has a high amount of turn-over which often leads to “instructorless” classes.

The school is also accused failing to give students adequate access to practice their skills and quote, “treats them more like free labor than students.”

The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of money to reimburse students for tuition costs.

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  • Heather M Green

    I graduated in 2010 and I still have taken the test 4 times. my massage therapy teacher thought it’d be more fun to just mess around then actually teach us. most of what I know is from the book studying on my own. I’m just glad that somebody is finally doing the lawsuit about fraud towards La James.

  • Sam

    They should look into the La James in Johnston , I went there a few years ago and they had the same issue . I’m glad this is finally getting handled no one should experience what we had to go through .

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