Local Firearms Trainer Says Better Instruction Could Have Prevented Arizona Tragedy

INDIANOLA, Iowa – The accidental death of a firearms instructor in Arizona has a local firearms teacher questioning what kind of training the man had.

“There would be no way that I would allow a 9–year-old to have an Uzi especially a fully automatic one. They just can’t handle the recoil,” says NRA certified instructor Randy Jimenez.

Jimenez says those guns are too powerful for young children and even hard for most adults to control. He owns Central Iowa Shooting Sports in Indianola where beginner shooters practice shooting air rifles or .22 caliber handguns before using a larger weapon.

In Iowa children 14 and older are able to use a handgun with an adults’ supervision. Last legislative session, lawmakers tried to pass a bill to lower the age and it could come up again. Representative Chip Baltimore says educating children on guns could cut down on accidental deaths.

“If you can, under proper supervision, start that process earlier in life then what current laws allow, that may be something that may be helpful in making sure that people carry and use handguns safely.”

The gun range in Arizona where the accident took place, allows children as young as eight years old to participate using AK – 47’s.


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