Police: More Charges for Mom who Faked Daughter’s Cancer


ATLANTIC, Iowa — An Atlantic woman accused of lying about her daughter having cancer is facing more charges.

Thirty-year-old Leatha Slauson is accused of telling people her five-year-old had colon cancer. Officials say doctors confirm that’s not true.

Officers arrested Slauson last week and charged her with child endangerment and distribution of drugs to a minor.

Thursday she was charged with an additional count of child endangerment and ten counts of unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

Police say she had neupogen. It’s a drug that helps your body make while blood cells and is used during chemotherapy.

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  • dan

    So who signed off on the prescriptions? Who was the pharmacist? Looks like a few more eggs need to go into that basket.

  • Amber Fleming

    Praying for their family… Mental illness are difficult to prove but hope she gets the help she needs.

    • Schaefer

      How about prison for the rest of her life. That sounds like the best kind of help for her 5 kids that public educators now have to re-parent and for taxpayers who have to financially support those kids.

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