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Another Dahls Closes

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Another Dahls Supermarket is closing, the third one announced in the past three months. And loyal customers aren’t too happy about it.

It's been a good run. For 56 years, the Dahls just off Grand Avenue served the people of the Prospect neighborhood in West Des Moines. On Friday, the "store closing" sign went up. In the end, old age took it's toll. "Based on it's performance and what we felt needed to be done with the store of that age it just wasn't in our best competitive nature to continue with operating that store." said Dahls spokeswoman Margie Hawks.

But customers say what Dahls considers a weakness, was this store’s greatest strength. "We moved here in '71," shopper Becky Lamb said. "The store's always been here. We're just over on 13th street so it's very convenient. Good place to shop. Friendly people. You know, it's gonna be sad to see it go."

40-people are employed at the Prospect store. Management tells those employees will be offered jobs at other Dahls stores.


  • No More Tea Bags

    They might as well close the Fleur Dahl’s also. I grew up going to this store, was born in the first house on the south side of Wakonda View Drive, Lots of great memories. Unfortunately the last few years have been absolutely horrible. The main thing Dahl’s had over everyone was personal customer service; it’s non-existent now. They’re always out of specialty items that are unique to Dahl’s. The folks there at night are just warm bodies, (mostly children), collecting a paycheck. They don’t compensate you when they make errors to the price that’s suppose to be charged, like Hy-Vee. (That’s a big thing. It keeps the store honest and diligent about accuracy.)
    Sorry Dahl’s, I’ll keep you in my memories.

  • dan

    My aunt worked at the one on Fleur and the people there were nice and friendly.
    I used to go to the one on Euclid, cash my check and buy my groceries. They weren’t near as friendly as a whole. One day this woman said my license had a crack in it and I needed a new one, well I knew that, but it was 2 months before it expired. She refused the next time to cash my check because she told me the last time it had a crack in it. They had only been cashing my check for the last 5 years, not like they didn’t know me, but noooooo got the manager and he sided with her. That was $ 150 less a week they needed because I will NOT go back. Good business plan there I’d say. Oh by the way I have a new license with no crack.

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