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Buddies to the Rescue in Ames Flash Flood

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AMES, Iowa -- Juan Duran didn't plan to go into the water with his car in Ames late Thursday night.  But when he tried to stop on Grand Avenue where the road goes under the tracks, he couldn't.  He was bumped by the car behind, which nudged him into the water, where his car stalled.

"Called up a tow truck and they told me it would be 20-30 minutes," said Duran. So with the water rising, he decided to call some friends.  They helped him get his car out and push another stranded car out of the water.

As to what he learned from the incident: "be careful when it's raining," said Duran.  Also he added as to his friends," I'm gonna have to repay them somehow" he said. Duran is an Iowa State University Student from Waterloo.

Ames Police had erected cones to stop people from getting into the water on Grand, but not before two cars were stalled.