Cleanup and Rebuilding Continues At Lake Panorama

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PANORA, Iowa - Some homes in Panora are still in shambles after severe weather this spring. Two tornadoes touched down near the east side of Lake Panorama in May and contractors are busy working to piece together the damaged homes.

Contractor George Young says replacing windows and doors have been the most common repairs but several garages and a condominium complex are in the process of being rebuilt.

“They were pretty much leveled, all the roofs were torn off of them so they decided to tear them all down and start a fresh again,” says Young.

Young says his construction company is rebuilding the homes on a concrete foundation instead their previous wood foundations. While progress is being made there are still some hassles for homeowners. “It takes time having to work through all the insurance, paperwork and getting the bids. Even though most of the cleanup was done pretty quickly we`re just now seeing the construction taking place,” says the Lake's general manager, John Rutlegde.

Crews hope to have the construction finished on the condos by the end of this Fall.