Dahl’s Closing West Des Moines Location

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Dahl’s has announced it will close another of its Des Moines metro stores.

The closing of the store at 1208 Prospect store in West Des Moines was announced Friday. In a press release, CEO Craig Moore said “While it’s not an easy decision to close a store that’s been open since 1958, the combination of the stores age and performance does not make sense to continue to operate.”

A closing date hasn’t been set but officials say the store will remain open until the store’s inventory is sold.

All of the 40 employees at the Prospect store are being offered positions at other Dahl’s stores.

In May, Dahl’s announced it would close its Ames and Ankeny stores.

A spokesperson for Dahl’s says the company is now focusing on updating its current stores to offer more national, organic, and gluten-free products.


  • Hugo S LaVia

    CEO Craig Moore said “While it’s not an easy decision to close a store that’s been open since 1958 … .”

    Like being a person born in 1958 trying to find a freaking job in this “YP” city.

  • No More Tea Bags

    They might as well close the Fleur Dahl’s also. I grew up going to this store, was born in the first house on the south side of Wakonda View Drive, Lots of great memories. Unfortunately the last few years have been absolutely horrible. The main thing Dahl’s had over everyone was personal customer service; it’s non-existent now. They’re always out of specialty items that are unique to Dahl’s. The folks there at night are just warm bodies, (mostly children), collecting a paycheck. They don’t compensate you when they make errors to the price that’s suppose to be charged, like Hy-Vee. (That’s a big thing. It keeps the store honest and diligent about accuracy.)
    Sorry Dahl’s, I’ll keep you in my memories.

  • trscmail

    “…combination of the stores age and performance…” and maybe the fact that Dahl’s hardly spent a DIME keeping the place up to the point that it looks like a dump! I was just in there tonight and was walking by some of the coolers in which there was more primer than paint showing on the surfaces that weren’t covered in rust. The shelving and floors are in miserable shape as well. A while back I saw the Asst. Manager Julie doing sheetrock work and painting to try to relieve some of the decay. They couldn’t get Dahl’s to fix it for them. It’s no wonder it isn’t profitable when they can’t even keep items in stock. Many a time I had to substitute or go without as there was empty shelves. At the rate they were going, Fareway would have done them in anyway. Poor business attitude.

  • Jim Horstman

    Once a Des Moines Grocery Icon…Now Dahl’s struggles to compete. Competitive prices are important but keeping inventory and good customer service shouldn’t have been left out of their business plan. Dahl’s listen to your customers wants and needs or you will be a just a memory.

  • Mary Christopher

    New CEO! Yay! Dear Mr. Moore, I am so glad that you have joined Dahls! I was its 1st female bagger almost 40 years ago – broke the glass ceiling. Now I am a Baby Boomer Dahls loyalist. My suggestions: 1) More organic and natural and gluten-free options BUT I won’t buy them unless the pricing gets more competitive. $10 for quinoa? No way! Off to Trader Joes! 2) I shop for food at Dalhs, then over to HyVee for wine. Women are the shoppers and the female Baby Boomers are INTO red wine BIG TIME. Your prices are NOT competitive, but getting better lately, I think….3) I don’t like the Best brand (your private label). Tried it on the pets first and they all got sick. Get a new private brand or at least ALWAYS offer another, more expensive choice. Otherwise, welcome!!! You have a big job but seem up to the challenge. Glad there is some hop
    e for Dahls now :-)

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