Pit Bull Set to be Euthanized Deemed Not Vicious

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killer pit bull

Jimmy the pit bull, formerly named Killer, was accused of attacking three people.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A pit bull that was sentenced to death has a new chance at life.

Jimmy, previously named Killer, was accused of biting three people last year.

Earlier this year, the West Des Moines City Council ordered him to be quarantined and euthanized. But on Monday the council approved a settlement agreement that would let the dog be evaluated.

After an evaluation by a trainer, Jimmy has been deemed not vicious.


  • sosfdavido

    Of course the trainer is going to say he can be rehabilitated. It’s how he makes his money.

    Ask the three people this dog has bitten if they think he’s vicious.

  • nancy

    What is wrong with people that ugly demon bit three people pts pts along with the trainer!! I hope someone kills the mutant ! Council should have their head examined ! N sued when it attacks a fourth time which will happen hopefully it’ll be the trainer n not innocent bystande

    • LoveMy Dog

      You keep calling pitbulls shitbulls but have you ever actually owned one? I’d saY probably not! I have a pittbull and got him when he was 10mos old and he’s going on 5. I have 2 young children and guess what he’s never bitten them or anyone else for that matter. Yes he has gotten loose and roamed the neighborhood but he’s never once bit another dog or anyone. There’s been times he gotten loose and a neighbor was able to grab him and bring him home just fine. The only time he nearly attacked another dog was when the other dog growled at me and and was coming to attack me, so my dog came and protected me. So before you start calling all pitts shitbulls, consider the owners at fault not the dog. YOU DUMBASS!!

      • Nancy

        I’m the dumbass you have 2 young children homed with a shitbull wow I guess we’ll be reading about u soon!!! Even after 300 kids r dead from these creatures u put one in a home with your young kids your really sick ! More than half of these poor dead kids were killed from beloved so called family pet that parents went into shock that their shitbull was so good n loving n had raised from pups n knowing this you put them in harm’s way your horrible parent my god what kind of person does this to their kid ? That you would even take a risk like that !! Your rotten n I hope u can live with the consequences if there’s an incident!! Absolute scum u r

    • Jennifer

      I have read a number of your vicious comments on here and if there is any such ugly demon it would be you! Such a vile, ignorant, hateful, paranoid, dramatic person you are! You should focus on you rather than this dog or these people. I’m sure there’s plenty to work on!

      • Nancy

        No Jennifer your ugly n vile along with your shitbull!! I have done research on this breed n I face facts n realties instead of being an ostrich .must be nice to take residence on fantasy island until ur shitbull goes pit on you

      • Jennifer

        Nancy, it is clear that your “research” consisted of fear and hate propaganda and little else. You are so far removed from reality that I suspect you should be locked up and placed on strong meds. You rant about vicious dogs? Take a look at yourself! You posted on another comment that you hope the person defending the dog is attacked and also should be euthanized. What is wrong with you? Are you three years old? Can you simply not agree to disagree or have a responsible, civil debate without becoming unhinged? You are the very definition of unstable. Go check your blood pressure and get a stronger med script, maybe take a run around your block, or if you can’t make it then walk…get some fresh air and clean out all that negativity, it’s eating you alive!

      • Nancy

        U r the one in need of meds or in your case painkillers since u own a shitbull n I do go running 5 miles a day …I’m not the one putting public in danger its u n your group that own these shitbulls n yes I’m very angry unhinged no .go look at children who’s faces r scarred for life from shitbulls n you’d be angry or maybe not n as for my research it was thorough I spent a good four years coming to this conclusions n I’ve looked at both sides n your side has a lot of theories n myths n absolutely no facts to back any of it ! Never has any other breed of dog been in the news everyday for mauling n killing in the past ten years or so ..you find nothing alarming about any of it says a lot .. I have to put large kitchen knife in my empty purse to take with me on my walks with small dog whom I love more than life to protect us n I resent having to do that but me n my beloved handsome little guy will not be victims as so many have… perhaps I go overboard with my comments it is cuz I’m sick of seeing death , icu, n surgeries from this breed n its extremely sad for children whom life is just beginning that bothers me most n I fly off the handle

      • Jennifer

        The public is in no danger from my dogs. I am responsible and quite frankly, I’m more concerned about what the public could do to them. One of my dogs wouldn’t even defend herself if attacked. She doesn’t have a single fighting bone in her. She adores people. My chi would bite you though! I can’t believe you can just block out the fact that other breeds have attacked, scarred, and killed people as well. The stats on pit bulls are skewed and you ignore that. You say you are angry and sick of seeing injuries and so on. I get that. I and sick and angry about it too. I am equally sick of seeing a whole breed judged and persecuted because some people that have them are irresponsible, because of how these dogs look, because of fear mongering myths like saying they have locking jaws, etc. Society always finds a scapegoat for things they don’t want to face and these dogs are it for those who cannot recognize the problem is with people. You want kids to stop dying then point your anger where it belongs, on the humans that are irresponsible with their dogs. This issue has and could again happen with another breed. This isn’t a breed problem. It is a people made problem and dogs are being witch hunted for it. These dogs are not some sort of unfeeling monsters from some underworld. They feel, they love, they want to please, they want to play, they are able to feel pain, and excitement, and anything else any other dog is capable of. I don’t appear alarmed at the issues in the news as you claim because I know the issue stems from the people and not the dogs. I can’t fix that all myself and until people wake up, the problems will continue and the dogs will be the scapegoats. I worry for the dogs, I worry for the children but, I keep it in perspective. There are not as many people trying to protect these dogs as there are people against them. That is really sad to me because, I know these dogs. I know what they are capable of, what all dogs are capable of. I know they should not be persecuted as they are for people that just don’t want to take responsibility for the problems that exist.

      • Tawrens

        Actually Jennifer from the looks of it she’s a troll. A pathetic loser who no life, no brains and too much time on her hands so instead of doing something useful she goes to sites and posts mean nasty things to upset people into flame wars. Don’t feed the troll and it will leave due to boredom.

  • Stephanie

    Very happy to see justice has been served. People automatically associate “Pit Bull” type dogs with viscious behaviour, it’s completely ridiculous and untrue. IF in fact the dog did bite 3 people, why did he do it? That’s the real question. Either way, I’m happy to see that this sweet face has another chance at life :) Yay Jimmy!!! <3

    • Randy Graven

      I had a very sweet mixed breed dog killed by a pit bull belonging to a neighbor on my own farm about 27 years ago. I had told the neighbor to keep his dog at home and was ignored. The local sheriff at that time did absolutely nothing, so the next time the pitbull showed up at my house, I gave him a taste of my deer rifle. And any dog that attacks my dogs, cats, grandchildren, or anyone else on my property will get the same. As far as I’m concerned, if you have animals, you are resposible for them, and for their behavior. I’d really like to see the owners get their just desserts, too. I had to shoot my own dog once when he got mean. Mean dogs get put down, period.

      • Jennifer

        Shooting your own dogs outside of self defense is felony animal cruelty now. If your dog became mean he was either sick and needed help or you just don’t know how to raise dogs. Sad.

    • Nancy

      Stephanie u n lovemydog get the psycho awards on this site .. so your happy either way that three people were bit by one shitbull as long as demonic dog is happy ? I’m hoping your number four that would be perfect fitting for u!

  • BDaddy

    I am a dog owner and can sympathize for the dog. However, nobody expects that a dog will bight someone. The dog doesn’t have to be mean to do so. The pit bull is a breed that is very loyal yet has a short fuse. After biting 3 people, or even one for that manner, it shouldn’t get a “second” chance. In addition, I would be ok with having the owners euthanized for not having it under absolute control. There is no excuse for letting a dog be free to roam. Now before you say that I am “an idiot” let me tell you that I was almost mauled by two pit bulls who roamed the neighborhood freely. I walked out my backdoor and they were going through my trash. The both sneered and me and if I hadn’t been able to get back inside, I would have been in serious trouble. When I confronted the owner she said that they were her babies and they wouldn’t hurt anybody. Now who’s the “IDIOT”?

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      actually you;d be a complete fool to approach a strange dog with the idea that it won;t bite.

      we have a very territorial dog when he’s in his yard, I’m amazed at the number of people who will try to reach over the fence (a foot onto our property) and pet him,

      Out side of his yard he’s a wimpy marshmallow that licks everyone,

    • Nancy

      Bdaddy u n matt brown r the only intelligent ones so far on this site!! My god the lunatics did u read love my dogshe gets nominated for worst parent two young kids with a shitbull wow

  • Matt Brown

    The nutters are out in force, the attacked 3 people. Kill it now, save a child save real family pet save your mom or grandmother.

    • Nancy

      Yes matt the nutters , its time to rally around their would be assassins esp after it escaped pts from attacking charges !! But I wonder their reaction when their shitbulls turn on them ?? Hmm

  • SymKat

    I am so happy the dog has been saved. People are far worse than dogs any day. Jimmy now has a chance at a good life, free from those who sought to harm him with lies and accusations. Well Done.

      • Tawrens

        Some people need a reality check. Nancy being one of them. My aunt was at a family picnic and came home with a stray pit bull. He is and has been always the sweetest thing. The only trouble she had is when he ran out of the yard and got hit by a truck. She treats him like one of her kids and her grandkids have been known to rough house with him. He plays with mom’s dog and has gotten up close and personal with a couple of newborns and they’ve never had a problem. Nancy if you had a nasty pitbull it’s because the dog reflects the owner, ether that or you’re a troll.

  • Patricia

    The article states he was “accused of attacking”. I assume there wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty, therefore he was released after his evaluation. There seems to be a great deal of animosity towards pit bulls in the comments. I have to wonder about the rationality of people who talk about wanting people pts, but I will not start a debate. I made my comment and I’m out of here. Have a great life Jinmy.

    • Nancy

      Patricia I didn’t mean people pts I meant the dog who has bitten three peop!! I get very angry at the injustices when it comes to this breed… every 24 hours this breed attacks n there’s no end in sight for the past ten years or more n no other breeds combined make a quarter of the attacks n deaths that this breed has done

  • Patricia

    The article states he was “accused of attacking”. I assume there wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty, therefore he was released after his evaluation. There seems to be a great deal of animosity towards pit bulls in the comments. I have to wonder about the rationality of people who talk about wanting people pts, but I will not start a debate. I made my comment and I’m out of here. Have a great life Jimmy.

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