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Campers Take Cover During Sunday Night Storms

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Strong storms raged across the state Sunday night. Parts of western and northern Iowa saw the worst of it.

In Crawford County, the wind topped 60-mile-per-hour and more than 3.5 inches of rain fell. Campers at Yellowsmoke Park near Denison took shelter as the wind uprooted trees and knocked over their RV's.

“You couldn't even see outside. It was just wind and hail and rain,” said Katie McIntyre of Norwalk.

The family of four just happened to be in town when the storm hit and rode out the storm at the police station. The McIntyres returned to their campsite and to the damage.

“There were five campers that were overturned, a tree completely uprooted and my four-year-old’s flip flops that we had sitting outside were completely untouched. You could see this path that literally went all around our camper,” said McIntyre.

One person was hurt Sunday night in Crawford County. Authorities said a storm chaser is still in the hospital after being struck by lightning.

Campers at Saylorville Lake didn’t see winds that strong, but there was plenty of rain.

“They came around and said there were the high winds coming and to seek shelter,” said Michelle Wieberg of Des Moines.

Wieberg was camping with about 40 people were at Cherry Glen for a family reunion. Most of the family stayed put, but not Becky Warren. She packed up and took shelter at a friend’s house in Ankeny.

“It was nice to be in the house,” said Warren.