Friday Night Live Scoreboard — Football Scores from Across Iowa

Storm Chasers Capture Supercell Forming in Iowa

DENISON, Iowa — Storm chasers caught amazing footage of a supercell structure as it headed east over Crawford County during storms Sunday night.

The storms slammed much of Iowa, with parts in the west seeing damaged trees and buildings.

This video was shot in Denison by Brennan Jontz and was uploaded to YouTube.

Crawford County Emergency Management told Channel 13 a storm chaser was struck by lightning in the area.

Paramedics took him to Crawford County Hospital in Denison and then transported him to a Sioux City hospital. He was breathing when they loaded him in to the ambulance but there’s no word on his condition.

The storm also blew over five travel trailers at Yellow Smoke Park. National Weather Service crews are out surveying damage to see if it was a tornado or straight line winds.



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