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Altoona One Step Closer to Change in ‘Vicious Dog’ Ordinance

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The Altoona city council is moving forward with changes to its “vicious dog” ordinance.

Tuesday night, the council approved the second of three readings.

The current ordinance labels pit bulls and other specific breeds as dangerous and doesn’t allow them in the city. But police say the department was being flooded with questions about whether pit bull mixes are allowed, or dogs that may look like pit bulls.

The city is now working to change the ordinance to target dogs involved in specific, dangerous incidents — regardless of breed.

“That way it holds the owner responsible, regardless of the type of dog that it is – or animal of what it is, as opposed to that breed. It’s kind of…we related it to, you know, ‘You’ve got to have an incident first to get us there,'” says Jason Ferguson with the Altoona Police Department.

The third and final vote on the ordinance will be at the next city council meeting on September 15th.

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  • Steven Mann

    Now when an incident occurs, it will be much more serious and prolonged. Possibly deadly. Pit bulls are gripping dogs, bred to fight to the death. A special tool, called a breakstick, was invented specifically to remove pit bulls from their victims. Good to know that Altoona police get to kick back in the meantime. None of that pesky, life saving stuff.

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